Journey to PhD

"Born to parents who weren't fortunate enough to go beyond SPM, never once in my life had thought that I would pursue my study this far. PhD was never a smooth sailing journey, but due to the grit, passion, and clear mindset, surrounded with the right people, I managed to get it done. The 4-years PhD journey is one of the greatest and unforgettable moments of my life which I will cherish forever. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my late father for sending me to a Chinese primary school. I strongly believe that my primary school made me who I'm today. Hence, I would like to dedicate my PhD degree to my late father, Mr Muthu Rajan, and my primary school, SJK (C) Sin Min, Lubok China, Melaka."

-Dr Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan (Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science), August 2021 Convo batch)

Dr Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan

Ms Thanusha (from left), Dr Pragash a/l Muthu Rajan and his supervisor, Dr Charles Ramendran FBF.