My Memories in UTAR

My name is Kirubashini Rasalingam. I studied Bachelor of (Hons) Journalism in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Kampar from October 2016 to May 2020. I had several unforgettable moments while studying in this university. I joined many events, made a lot of friends and gained invaluable experience in UTAR. 

UTAR gave me the opportunity to travel overseas for the first time. I joined the Study Soft Skills and / or Life Skills programme under Co-Curriculum subject in 2017 and went to the National University of Singapore (NUS) to learn about social entrepreneurship. During this study tour, I not only fulfilled my course criteria but also experienced travel abroad and learnt about a new country. 

2017 NUS Study Tour

I also joined the UTAR City Tour as a freshman. I went to the Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh and had a very enjoyable time. I had a very delicious dinner in a Chinese restaurant as well. I made many new friends during the trip. Kudos to the organising committee for planning and executing such a wonderful outing for the freshmen. 

2016 UTAR City Tour at Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh

In addition, I was a station master in The Ice Breaking and Telematch (IBT) event in 2017. In this event, I was in charge of a game and had to organise the game. I improved my leadership and communication skills while participating in the organisation of this event. It was also very memorable as I learnt how to organise such an event.

Ice Breaking and Telematch (IBT) 2017

I was also a helper in the Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call (RCM) event. This event was to help the new students in UTAR during their registration and orientation. During this event, I was in charge of leading the students from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FAS) into the Heritage Hall for their registration. I also helped with the preparation of this event. 

Registration, Campus Tour and Mass Call (RCM) 2017

Later on, I also had a memorable time while joining the Mass Communication Society interaction day. I went for a trip to Refarm, Kampar. Refarm is a beautiful nature place surrounded by lush greenery with a pool, a waterfall and also domesticated animals. I took part in many fun, creative games, explored Refarm and also relaxed in the pool.

Mass Communication Society Interaction Day at Refarm, Kampar                                            Photo session with another participant at Refarm, Kampar

Apart from all these events, I also participated in the UTAR New Village Community Project in Kampung Kelisar, Kelantan. I went on a trip to Kelantan, conducted a survey and wrote a report along with the other participants. The report included the social, cultural and religious practices in Kampung Kelisar. I learned about the new village and met many people while in Kelantan. I also got to know my friends better while on this trip.

UTAR New Village Community Project in Kampung Kelisar, Kelantan

As a journalism student in UTAR, I also had many memorable memories of my classes, coursework and field trips. had to interview many people, take photos and videos and write articles for my assignments. I had to attend many events for my assignments and had to report news just like a professional journalist. I also got the opportunity to go on field trips to the Malaysian Parliament, Malaysiakini news portal office and Sekinchan, Selangor. 

Besides this, I stayed in the student hostel under the management of Danish Housing and went to campus as I am from Selangor. I cycled to campus for my classes and for events. This was a new experience for me as I had not cycled for a long time. I had many memorable moments when cycling to campus. I could enjoy the greenery and lush landscape along the way and on campus. Cycling was also a good exercise for me and I felt healthier and happier. 

I also had many memorable moments on campus. I enjoyed the food in the cafeteria and stalls around the campus. I also have many unforgettable memories of eating with my friends in the cafeteria and discussing assignments. I also loved studying in the UTAR library while enjoying the scenic view of the lake outside. 

Besides this, I also enjoyed going to ‘mamak’ restaurants in Kampar New Town with my friends for dinner after classes and assignments. Having dinner in ‘mamak’ was an important part of my student life as I could interact with my friends while enjoying the tasty and reasonably priced food. I was also an avid football fan and enjoyed watching football in ‘mamak’ restaurants. One of my most unforgettable moments in UTAR was during the 2018 World Cup which I watched with some of my friends who were also huge football fans. 

I can honestly say that the 3 and a half years that I spent in UTAR were the best in my life. My time in UTAR taught me so much. I will never forget all the memories during my time here. Sometimes, I wish I could turn back the clock and become a UTAR student again.