Mathuri posing her graduate solo picture.


My journey at UTAR.

Stepping out of my comfort zone is totally miserable feel for me. But the 3 years journey taught me how to be strong even when no one beside you the reason behind is truly my studies. When I see youngsters equal
with my age nowadays they couldn't even take up small matter and become very stress. And in that case I'm so proud that I've overcome everything on my own with a very good mature thinking the reason is
the life studying away from home. UTAR is such a great place for me where I learnt about helping stranger, leadership skill, true
friendship, how to be organised and etc. Trust me the pathway to your convocation will pay off all your struggles.

Finally what I would like to suggest youngsters nowadays is study hard make yourself capable of going University then you will understand the gist of life when you successfully complete your studies without
failure. UTAR my home❤️

From Mathuri(FAS) - Ed batch October 19

Mathuri (second from left) posing happily with her couse mates.